First Footprints – Capture a moment in time.

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A perfect gift for grandparents, or simply a special keepsake for yourself!!!

This is our speciality……….A child’s first footprints to be treasured forever . . .

A perfect keepsake . . .

You can either print a baby hand or footprint onto a plate, or make an imprint into clay. Our friendly staff will be pleased to capture this special moment for you

Individual home appointments can be booked to organise clay and silver keepsakes.  Just email us to discuss your requirements

Pottery prints can be done either as a home appointment (for group or large bookings) or we have regular sessions at the Riverside Hub and Workbridge centre in Northampton, details of which are on our ‘contact us’ page.   We also have other adhoc sessions as detailed.  These are drop-in sessions and we will be pleased to help you with your little ones handprints / footprints and writing.  Pottery will be fired and returned to the location of where the painting was done at a date specified.

Potter prices start from £5.50 upwards (examples:  tiles from £5.50 / Mugs from £11 / plates from £11 / baubles from £13)


Clay imprints and impressions are as follows:

Small (1 hand/1 foot) unframed clay – £48

Large (x2 hands / x2 feet) unframed clay – £80

Small framed – £75

Large framed – £100


Please contact us for any bespoke requests.



As you can see – prints are not just for babies – We also specialise in adult impressions and prints and can produce a completely bespoke piece further by adding photographs for you.

Not just for children – you can create your very own family piece of art if you wish!!!




Clay takes approx. 4-5 weeks to produce.

No studio fee will be charged for items

Home appointments may be subject to fuel charge subject to location.